The Little Tigress

The Little Tigress

Monday, 14 March 2016

My post!

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Messi play time

So how do you play? Clean, neat and nice? Well that is tough when you are small and I have always been encouraged to play freestyle and the mess actually is clean. I move from one toy to another and then another and another and mom has a lot of work to do when she picks them up after me. Now I am too small to pick my own toys but mom doesn't complain. Once in a while dad chips in too. I play with everything that comes around and I can get my hands on. If you don't find something then it must be in my toys. 

Dad says it helps increase my ability to decipher what things are and helps me grow my creativity when I am indoors. While I broke his watches, phones and many other delicate items, mom encourages me to explore and play. So this is what it looks when I am just warming up. So here is to playing messy and growing up. Have a great day!


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Visiting Mr. Giraffe

Did you know that my favorite animal is the Giraffe? I had several toys of Giraffe and I always wanted to see one for real but didn't get the opportunity. Now that we are in Hyderabad, Mom made sure we visited the Nehru Zoo and this was incredible experience for me as I enjoyed to the core. Though it was a hot day, we went in dad's car and could get to see several animals and most importantly the Giraffe :) 

He was strolling joyfully in the park and was amazing to see. He is sooooooo tall and had a long with which he was eating leaves. Do you know how easy he can reach the tall trees and the leaves? We also saw lions, tigers, birds and many other interesting animals here. If you are in Hyderabad, you must visit this place.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Being Hyderabadi!

So you know that I am in Hyderabad to visit my maternal grandfather who is ill and is recovering. Trip to Hyderabad is always good as I have lots of things to do and play. I can stay with Granny and play with her and go to the park behind my house. We have two balconies where I can go and play. One of the balconies overlooks the street. I play there a lot and spend time looking at people, bikes, cars and children going to school and so on.

The best part is tasting so many different kids of Hyderabadi biryani that mom orders when I don't eat the regular stuff. I play till late night and sleep off with mom and get up early to play again. My sleeping pattern is changed by I love being here. Sometimes I miss dad. I wake up in the night and search for him and get teary and cry. Mom then holds me and kisses me and put me on call with dad. Sometimes she sings songs that dad used to sing for me to sleep. I miss dad a lot though I don't say that often as I don't want mom to worry. Dad comes in once every three weeks and plays with me.

When dad was here we went shopping, visited the zoo and took the train trip and many more. Mom tells me so many stories from here when we are in balcony. The best thing about being Hyderabadi is the number of pigeons here. I love chasing them all the while. 

Now that Swamy tata is getting well, we will go back to Bangalore soon. Mom and dad were in Hyderabad for several years and this trip was very helpful for mom too. Which place would you like to go and see?

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pamper me soft!

Soft. Pleasant. Calm. Bright. Cool. Safe, Peaceful. Natural. Organic, Rich, Non-pollutant. Fresh. Like a mother's love. Like grandmother's touch. Wrinkled yet smooth. Tired and withered yet welcoming. 

Like the brush of fresh breeze on a calm warm morning that plays with my curls while I sleep on the softest of pillows and smile as my colorful dreams that let me fly away to distant lands while I lie asleep. The gentle kisses on my forehead that dad unmistakably plants while he calmly leaves for work. 

Like the little coochy-cooings that mom whispers as she soft talks to me while I nuzzle at her heart. Like those kind blessings that come to me from the morning sun as the sun rays escaping from my window sill play with my eye lids and the windy curtains. Like that softness all around me. Like all that love, peace and freedom I have. Like the Pampers I cherish and wear. These are some of the things changed in our home when I arrived. If you are getting ready to welcome a little child in your home here are some things mom and dad did for me. 

Check them out and they might be useful when you plan to pamper your child.

1.    Change your furnishing. Your blankets, pillow covers, sofa covers, mattresses, everything that might come in touch with your child. Easier to wash, clean and softer to touch and use. Shift today.
2.    Shift to organic detergents: It really hurts to get a rash on your child. We have very sensitive skin, even more sensitive noses which respond to dust or chemicals and can catch a cold and it hurts you parents more than us. Anyways chemical bases solutions are dreadful for you even if you do not feel them. So skip the chemicals. Go Green.
3.    Skip perfumes, aerosols: If you use perfumes, sprays at home, well… skip them. They usually carry irritants, smells that we don’t like and can get cold or an allergy. Use natural ones only if it is extremely important. Do not use them around us. We love your natural fragrance anyways. Sometimes we don’t like flowers too! Dad stopped getting mom roses after I came L And mom understands.
4.    Change soaps, shampoos… Switch to organic ones that don’t hurt us. When you rest around us or hold us on your shoulder we breathe in a lot of them. Can you make them smell natural so we don’t catch anything?
5.    Child-proof your home: Check for that chair edges, table corners, door jammers, glass shelves, cup boards, cups, pens, nails, switches, plug points, tv and anything that can break, hurt us or anything that is remotely dangerous. Trust me we will reach there, touch that, get hurt. So do not leave any chance for us to explore.

So get ready to welcome your little bundle of joy and make your home the safest fortress with the softest of things around you and choose the best premium care for your child.

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